What Do You Think About True Friendship?

True friends are never apart, may be in distance but never in heart. Friendship is all about being there when our friend is felling low.

A good friend is equal to 100 good books. Every Friendship story starts with an awkard situation like “I thought you are rude” like that then, they became freinds each other.

A group of 3 friends is always the best .They can roast each other about their past memories. No one can forget their childhood friend. Some grow with their childhood friend , this is the best thing in the world .

Friends are almost like stressbusters.whatever we go through good or bad times we always share with that one friend.

Friendship! Friendship is a beautiful and important part of human relationships. It is a relationship between people who share interests, values ​​and experiences, offering support, comfort and happiness. Friends are what we choose for ourselves, and they can bring so much love and light into our lives.

We can make friend till our last breath, but some school and college friends cant be the same .If our school life was memorable means oly because of mour friends.They are the only reason to go school and college.

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