The Ultimate Friendship Quiz Guide for WhatsApp and Snapchat

We all know the value of true friendship. As someone who values friendships deeply, I always find different fun ways to engage with them even with a busy schedule of ours. Whether is about sharing memories planning a get-to-gether or engaging in a friendship quiz, each and every moment like this shows our deep bond and helps strengthen it. Here, let’s get into the journey of friendship quizzes on WhatsApp and Snapchat. This is a guide on how to create those quizzes.

The Magic of Friendship

These friendship quizzes are more like a reflection of the relationship you have with your friends. These quizzes bring out a lot of shared memories, laughter and some even tears. This not only helps with reminiscing the memories but also helps with deepening the bond with your mates. These quizzes bring out the joy that we had when we were experiencing it.

Why WhatsApp and Snapchat?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about why WhatsApp and Snapchat are best for these quizzes. Whatsapp is best as we know the wide usage of WhatsApp and the seamless communication flow. At the same time, Snapchat is better as it gives out more excitement and spontaneity to the quizzes naturally. Both platforms have their unique way of being a perfect platform for these friendship quizzes.

Crafting the Perfect Friendship Quiz

Creating a friendship quiz may sound daunting but it’s fun. Here’s how you get started:

  1. Choose Your Questions Wisely
    The main thing your whole friendship depends upon is the type of questions you put in the quiz. Think about all the memories, and adventures we all went together, and all the inside jokes within us and also all the embarrassing moments. Here are a few things you can consider.
    Funny Moments: “ What was the funniest thing that happened on the annual day in school?”
    Personal Preferences: “What’s my favourite movie?”
    Milestones: “Where did we celebrate my birthday last year?”
    Hidden Talents: “ What is a weird thing you think only I can do?”
  2. Keep It Balanced
    Keep the questions balanced. While it’s all fun to have humorous and quirky questions also never forget to add questions that are meaningful. The meaningful questions will bring in more deep conversations and memories. You can add questions like “ What was the advice I gave you that stuck to your heart?”, which helps in getting more better conversations.
  3. Make It Visual
    We all know that always that visuals always make a bigger impact in our minds than normal conversations, especially in Snapchat we can include a lot of visuals using filters, emojis and stickers and make the quiz more interesting. Also, we can include images from your trips and ask questions like “ Remember where we took this picture?” making the quiz more visually appealing. 

Sharing Your Friendship Quiz

Once we have completed making the quiz now we have to share it with our friends here’s how to do it:

On Whatsapp

  1. Create a Group: If you all already have a group share it there or else create a new one and share it there as a group will make it easier and fun to share the answers and discuss them.
  2. Share the Quiz: You can send it as a series of continue messages and make them answer it or also you can share it as a Google form where you can look into the answers much easier.
  3. Engage with Responses: Once your friends start answering the questions engage with them and share your opinions and memories of it and if they answered anything wrong correct them.

On Snapchat

  1. Create a Story: you can add the quiz to your story by tagging your friends in it so they will also get it in chat which will make them answer it.
  2. Engage with Stickers and Emojis: Make the quiz visually appealing by adding stickers and Snapchat’s creative usage.
  3. Personal Snaps: We can also send the quiz as personal snaps to your friends and make them answer it accordingly.

The Aftermath: Keeping the Conversation Going

The fun doesn’t end with the quizzes, the quiz is just the start of it which makes the whole experience more fun by using the responses to the quiz we can continue the conversation where we can reminisce on the memories made and all the fun from someone giving a wrong answer where the group will be together and have fun. These quizzes are not only great for looking into memories but also help with making new ones.

Tips for a Successful Friendship Quiz

  1. Be Authentic: Make sure to keep the questions in the quiz genuine and true to the shared experiences.
  2. Be Respectful: Avoid asking questions that might make someone feel weird or uncomfortable or anything that might bring conflict to the group.
  3. Be Inclusive: If the quiz is being shared in a group make sure that all the members of the group can relate to the questions asked.


Creating and sharing this kind of friendship quiz on WhatsApp and Snapchat has become one of my favourite ways of interacting with my group of friends where every time it’s fun even for a long time after the quiz is done as each and everyone will start sharing their memories and ideas which makes it more fun. 

The friendship quizzes are not the only thing that will help with building your friendship there are a lot more ways and games and things. These quizzes will also plant an idea for the next get-to-gether with your group.