True Friendship Quizzes to Test Your Bond

Growing up I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of friendship, the times where when we were kids we had a ton of friends and we called all of them best friends as fast forward to now I can count the number of friends I have in my hands. Over all these years, I’ve taken countless true friendship quizzes, and I’m excited to share those experiences with them.

This journey has led me to explore various true friendship quizzes which made me realise about my friends and where each offering is a unique perspective on what makes a friendship genuine.

Why True Friendship Quizzes Matter

You might ask “Why bother with a true friendship quiz?”, let me tell you this I’ve had a friend who was like a ride-or-die to me we were always together but suddenly due to a misunderstanding which made into a full-blown war from then we never spoke to each other again. 

These experiences made me realise true friendship is not always created by equality but rather we need to understand them and realise what a true friendship is about.

My Top 3 True Friendship Quizzes

  1. The “Through Thick and Thin” Quiz
    This quiz mainly focuses on how well you and your friend know each other like how you comforted and supported your friend during a hard time or your experiences together from before and all. 
    Key questions from this Quiz:
    – Have you helped your friend during a hard time?
    – Does your friend know your deepest fears and insecurities?
    – Can you count on each other for honest advice even when it’s hard to hear?
  2. The “Comfort Zone” Quiz
    This true friendship quiz evaluates how comfortable you are with each other when I took this test with my roommate and for certain questions like sharing clothes and changing clothes together we both said yes laughing.
    Sample question:
    – Can you show up at your friend’s place unannounced?
    – Do you feel comfortable sharing an embarrassing memory with your friend?
    – Can you be your true self around your friend?
  3. The “Time and Distance” Quiz
    This quiz tests how well you will handle the separation with your friend. I took this with a friend of mine who split paths with me despite the distance we still scored a pretty high score.
    Key Points:
    – How often do you communicate when apart?
    – Do you make an effort to stay connected with them?
    – Can you pick up where you left off even after a long time?

Lessons Learned from True Friendship Quizzes

  1. Quality over Quantity
    I used to pride myself on having a lot of friends and a large circle, but over time I’ve learnt that having a large amount of friends where most of them don’t value you is worse compared to having countable friends who are always there for you.
  2. Honest is Key
    Our true friendship quiz highlighted the importance of honesty friends should be someone who helps us grow they are someone who need to tell us the truth even if it hurts to know.
  3. Shared Values Matter
    Many of the friendship quizzes touch on the concept of shared values these made me realise that my close friends are those with whom I have shared core values even if they vary in the other areas.
  4. Friendship Requires Effort
    We may think once we have become friends then after that we don’t really need to put effort into keeping in touch with them but we need to put the effort in keeping that friendship we need to put the effort into meeting them and having them in our life.
  5. Growth and Changes are Natural
    Some quizzes made me realise as humans with age we also grow as a person with mindsets so our values and interests change along with this our friendship also needs to evolve which is normal.

Creating Your Own Friendship Quiz

Inspired by these quizzes I also made one of my own for my friends which includes these questions:

  • Can you name your friend’s top three goals in life?
  • If you get a major disagreement with your friend how would you handle it? If it has happened before how would you handle it?
  • Can you remember the time your friend went out of their way to support you?
  • Do you feel comfortable discussing about your mental health with your friend?
  • How well do you know your friend’s family member?

Taking this quiz with my friends had us go through a lot of memory sharing and deep conversations. It’s amazing how a simple quiz can make us understand each other a lot.

The Impact of True Friendship Quizzes on My Relationships

Taking these quizzes made a huge impact on my relationships with my friends it helped us understand each other well and made us have a lot of deep conversations. Also helped us understand which relationships truly matter and inspired me to invest more time and energy into those relationships.

These quizzes also taught me to appreciate those who always stand for me and made me realise who knows me the best and who truly cares for me and with help me no matter what happens. They made me realise that true friendship is not about being the same person but about celebrating our differences together. 


As I reflect on my journey with these friendship quizzes which made me realise a lot of things in my life like who really matters, who thinks I matter as a person who loves me as who I am and who will stand with me. These quizzes may not be scientific but it helps a lot with developing your relationship with your friends. 

These help us with developing our relationship with them. In the end, it’s not about getting the perfect score but rather discussing and learning about the lack of the perfect score we don’t always need to know each and every detail of our friends more like you cannot do that but rather speak with them and get to know them more and better.